Fishing tournaments and Fishing Rodeos

Fishing tournaments and Fishing Rodeos aren’t the same thing.








I see a real surgent in fishing tournaments in the world of kayak fishing. I at first thought this was a good thing, so many people fishing tournaments and connecting with other people of the same mind set.








But I believe there is something really lost when you stop having rodeos and just have tournaments. You do not get the camaraderie like you do at rodeos. You don’t have the time at night when you are camping together and sharing stories around a fire.







It was just a few years ago it most people were doing Rodeos and having a kayak fishing tournament was a foreign thing. Am I speaking out against tournaments? Not at all, but I am advocating all of these groups that have sprung up to have rodeos and not just fishing tournaments.









Cooking and sharing is a great way for people to connect.







Great times are always had at a Rodeo!

So this year as everyone gets busy fishing don’t forget to put together a real get-together so everyone can join in on the fun.

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