Fox Worx Kayak Paddles

From time to time there comes along a product that is a notch above the rest. I get asked from time to time about my kayak paddle. The reason being I think is my paddle is so different from what guys are use to seeing.

A couple of years ago Jacky and myself went to Shoaliepalooza in GA. While on the flint river fishing for shoal bass I pushed off a rock with my paddle and heard a pop. I knew that wasn’t good but kept on fishing. Well upon further inspection the shaft of the paddle had crack all the way around. I tried to fix it with super glue but figured it wouldn’t last. I was right. eventually the whole blade broke off.

Fishing 003


Now I was pretty disappointed to say the least, this was a big name brand fiberglass shaft paddle, and it wasn’t to cheap. I sure wasn’t going to by one of those again. So I began to search for something better.What did I find? I found a company that builds you a paddle, just the way you want it and for the same money as those factory made paddles made by the big companies.

Fox Worx canoe and kayak paddles based out of Bainbridge NY. Their kayak paddles use basswood shafts that are sealed with epoxy and polyurethane and are available in regular and small diameter. The paddles are 2 piece with an aluminum ferrule that is feathered neutral. I bought their “Splash” model that comes with a colorful paddle; they come in lengths from 210 to 250cm or over 250cm for a small charge.

Here is pictures of mine when it was new:


So your thinking a wood shaft on my kayak paddle, won’t that be heavy? I will tell you NO! At 38oz it’s almost the same as a fiberglass shafted paddle. Durability? You better believe it, I have put my through the wringer, I have not babied this thing at all and it hasn’t missed a beat. Done everything I have asked of it.

Take a look at the pictures of the paddle now, you can see the scratches from floating all the rocky rivers. But the scratches are just superficial, the blades are as stout and true as the day I got it.

Fishing 005Fishing 004


 I love this paddle, the feel of a wood is so much better than aluminum or fiberglass. It’s never hot or cold. Go check them out.





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